Scam Alert: Don’t Fall for Fixed Matches on Facebook

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Have you seen those posts on Facebook boasting guaranteed wins with “fixed matches”? They showcase screenshots of winning bets and happy customers, promising a shortcut to riches. But here’s the truth: it’s a scam.

How the Fixed Matches Scam Works:

Scammers lure you in with posts showcasing:

Unbelievable Odds: Scammers advertise bets with astronomically high odds, like 350 or more. These odds are a dead giveaway – real fixed matches, if they existed at all, would be tightly guarded secrets.

Fake Wins: Photoshopped “won” slips and congratulatory messages from mobile money services like M-PESA. Screenshots of winning betslips and congratulatory messages are easy to fabricate. Scammers often post these after the matches have already played.

Positive-only comments: They carefully curate comments sections, deleting negative feedback. Often, these comments are from fellow scammers. Real users would have questions and doubts.

Guaranteed Wins and Double Assurances: These are giant red flags. Betting inherently involves risk, and anyone promising zero chance of losing is lying.

Why Fixed Matches Betting is a Scam

#1. Fixed matches are a myth: The idea of manipulating professional sporting events is highly improbable. Fixing matches involves manipulating high-stakes games. Those with this knowledge wouldn’t risk exposure by selling it cheaply online.

#2. The money doesn’t add up: If someone truly possessed this knowledge, they wouldn’t waste time selling access for a few thousand shillings. They’d win massive sums themselves!

#3. Guaranteed wins are a lie: Betting inherently involves risk. Anyone promising a sure thing is scamming you.

#4. They’ll vanish with your money: Once you pay, expect excuses, ignored calls, and ultimately, empty pockets.

The investigation reveals

Exorbitant fees: These scammers charge outrageous sums (KES 5,000 per bet and upwards) for their “guaranteed” picks.

Betika as a target: Many scams involve Betika, a popular betting platform. Be cautious of any “fixed match” claims targeting specific betting sites.

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Protect Yourself

Ditch the “get rich quick” mentality: There’s no shortcut to sustainable wealth.

Be skeptical of unrealistic promises: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Ignore “fixed match” offers.

Do your research: Only bet with reputable platforms and understand the inherent risks involved.

Report suspicious activity: Flag these scammers to Facebook to prevent them from targeting others.


  • Work hard to earn money, don’t gamble for a quick fix.
  • Report suspicious Facebook pages to the platform.

Stay safe online and enjoy responsible betting!


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