Biztech Lens Opens Cybersecurity Writing Opportunities to Empower Digital Safety

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Biztech Lens, an emerging cybersecurity news and information platform, today announced a call for writers to contribute to their growing platform.

As cyber threats continue to rise, Biztech Lens recognizes the critical need for clear, informative, and engaging cybersecurity content to educate and empower individuals and organizations alike.

“We understand the dangers of cyberattacks and believe that knowledge is the first line of defense,” said Juma B., Founder at Biztech Lens.

“By opening up writing opportunities, we aim to amplify diverse voices in the cybersecurity space and make a real impact in creating a safer digital world.”

Biztech Lens invites writers to pitch articles on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Emerging threats and trends
  • Security best practices
  • Product reviews and comparisons
  • Career advice for cybersecurity professionals
  • Original research and analysis
  • Cloud security
  • Cybersecurity for small businesses
  • Cybersecurity for students

Contributors will have the opportunity to reach a large audience of cybersecurity professionals, enthusiasts, and decision-makers, while establishing themselves as thought leaders in the field.

Biztech Lens has promised to offer a competitive compensation of $20-30 USD per published article.

For more information on how to submit your pitch, please visit this page:

About Biztech Lens:

Biztech Lens is a dedicated platform providing up-to-date news, insights, and resources on cybersecurity.

We aim to educate, inform, and empower our readers to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape safely and securely.


Download the entire Press Statement:


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